The Thailand delegation to visit KLACP ?and signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation

TIME: 2015-12-22  SOURCE: PRINT

    Thailand National Institute of Development Administration (National Institute of development administration, NIDA) Dean pradit Wanarat associate professor led the delegation the 11 people, notch, vice chairman of the Thai Princess Sirindhorn information technology projects, senior consultant Pairash Thajchayapong Professor Thailand National Science and Technology Development Bureau (National Science and technology development agency, NSTDA) delegation and the Consulate General of Thailand in Xi'an, Consul General of the  Niya Tan Ms. on 14 January 2015 access to Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of earth environment (in IEECAS), Thailand National Institute of development administration and ring and signed the memorandum of understanding on cooperation.


    The Institute of earth environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been working with the National Institute of Development Administration in Thailand since 2010, in the evaluation of Thailand's urban pollutant emissions and air pollution control and policy formulation effective. Thailand Consulate General in Xi'an and Thajchayapong Pairash vice chairman of the cooperation between the two sides is very seriously, to further deepen and expand cooperation in IEECAS and NIDA, after the initial contact and consultation, to reach a memorandum of understanding signed two cooperation. Hope can be in the exchange of researchers, the students exchange, short-term academic programs and activities, the establishment of the Joint Laboratory of other aspects can have more intensive and frequent cooperation, promote the scientific and technical exchanges between China and Thailand.


    Signing ceremony,  Junji Cao, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Thailand delegation to visit a line of the delegation of Thailand, said a warm welcome, and the president of the National Institute of Development Administration, respectively, introduced the case, and on behalf of the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding. Pairash Thajchayapong vice chairman of the is of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn sponsored research project is introduced, especially the princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the kingdom of China and Thailand and the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperation for a long time the attaches great importance to and support. Pairash Thajchayapong, vice president and deputy director Liu Xiaodong are Thailand two party witness the signing ceremony. Nida Dean pradit Wanarat associate professor of the ring's visit to give them left a deep impression, expressed the sincere thanks of  Jun Ji Cao, deputy director of the, spoke highly of the ring to make a contribution to science, signed for two hospital and Sino Thai Department of science research and communication brings new opportunity and development prospect that Mou.

    After the signing ceremony, Pongpiachan Siwatt associate professor and professor of land around the researcher conducted in-depth exchanges, in exchange for the students, resource sharing and further exchange of views, the priority areas of cooperation and specific plans to implement the program, the cooperation between the two sides is full of confidence.